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Date:2008-08-09 20:09
Subject: Un estudio en humo de segunda mano al aire libre

Los estudios revelan los peligros ocultados detrás de la exposición al aire libre del humo de segunda mano.

Un humo de segunda mano de las demandas del informe de 2006 de los E.E.U.U. generales de cirujano mata diez de millares de gente cada año, y se ha demandado de largo que el humo de la segunda mano puede ser peligroso con la exposición de interior. Al menos poco se sabe sobre los riesgos de inhalación al aire libre. La investigación reciente de la Universidad de Stanford examina cómo el fumar puede afectar a la calidad del aire en los bancos de parque, los cafés de la acera y otros lugares públicos. Los investigadores concluyeron que sentar pies en la dirección del viento de un fumador puede dejar alguien expuesta a los humos contaminados que son mucho concentrados de los niveles normales de la contaminación atmosférica.

Para cuantificar exactamente el nivel de exposición al aire libre del humo, los investigadores de Stanford utilizaron monitores electrónicos portables para medir partículas aerotransportadas tóxicas. Estos instrumentos se diseñan para detectar un producto químico peligroso conocido como matter-2.5 de partículas (PM2.5). Este agente contaminador tóxico contiene los agentes carcinógenos entre otros productos químicos que puedan contribuir a la bronquitis crónica, a los latidos del corazón irregulares, a los ataques del corazón y a un surtido de otras condiciones de salud.

El resultado del estudio encontró que cuanto más cercano usted está al humo de tabaco al aire libre, el más alto su riesgo de inhalación peligrosa. Encontraron que las breves exposiciones, épocas múltiples durante varias horas en un pub al aire libre, podrían llevar a un promedio diario de 35 microgramas de la exposición PM2.5. Si alguien está en gran proximidad a un fumador, podrían potencialmente inhalar una respiración de 1.000 microgramas, que es 50 veces concentrado que el aire circundante. Los investigadores advierten que aunque el humo de segunda mano al aire libre se disipe rápidamente, los no fumadores todavía sean conscientes de su exposición.

Sobre el autor: Para encontrar más relatd los artículos satisfacen para visitar .empowereddoctor.com/specialty_88.html y .empowereddoctor.com/story_1174.html

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Date:2004-04-22 16:07
Subject:PRS tibit morsel.

found this piece on punk rock soccer searching google :

How Punk Rock Soccer is Different From Regular SoccerCollapse )

this lame thing too :
an application for punk rock soccer. something to laugh at because of its lameness.

punk rock soccer googl'ed>

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Date:2004-04-22 06:03
Mood: tired

Hey!! I'm Becca. I just joined. I go to college in So Cal, but I'm from the SF Bay Area by Berkeley.

There used to be Punk Rock Soccer played once a month in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I don't hear about it happening anymore. It used to be posted on "the list" in the Bay Area, but it's not on there anymore. I tried to go once, but we couldn't find which field it was on..since Golden Gate park is gigantic.

I wish I knew about where it happens now...or if it even does...

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Date:2003-09-21 10:57
Subject:PRS in SLC is in

As the outturn for PRS in the SLC area has been rather down, I will not be going to any more games until someone desires to gather a group together. If anyone is interested then post on here and we can play at the usual Liberty Park Sunday at 4 p.m. time. I advertised all over SLC with PRS soccer flyers so that should help it become more known. One of my friends that was going to play and bring a bunch of people is no longer around so as a result it is near the Punk Rock Soccer is Dead level. any Exploited meets Pele 'Punks Rock Soccer's Not Dead' fans willing to revive it in the area?

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Date:2003-09-17 00:49
Subject:we are looking to form a new kind of army.

They were tired of paying the price. The arrogant security gaurds. The cocky kids performing music for a capitalism high of of twenty five dollars or more. So if it was above ten bucks they took it to the streets. Mosh pits formed. Crowds resulted. The concert on the inside was nothing compared to the mosh pit on the outside. 1986 killed punk. They reinvented punk. Their way. On the streets.


keep it on the streets

Riots in the form of a mosh pit protesting high concert prices and capitalism's ills.

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Date:2003-09-07 20:18
Subject:PRS Game One Results.

about six people showed. four for the intitial game. then on game two of punk rock soccer two others wanted to play when the first left. so now are you all confused? lets make a brief chart:
intitial game one - two on two
game two - two on two
or something like that. don't ask me to use ol' lefty brain. its shut down. try the right side. and come out to PRS next week. same place. liberty park. same time. 4 pm. same wacky fun. guaranteed or your money back. what money ask? exactly. no money. and thats how we all win. i am loopy. i leave now.

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Date:2003-09-04 13:08
Subject:organize my new yorkians.

seems lots of new yorkians here. so when are ya'all gonna organize your own PRS? i hope something works out cause i want to spread PRS the world round. :)

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Date:2003-09-04 10:55
Subject:Punk Rock Soccer! Definition.

For those of you who never played PRS basically its a bunch of punk rock and alt kids getting together in some park with a soccer ball and four cones, two per goal and splitting up on teams and playing soccer punk rock style. a little bit of moshing on the field. no out of bounds. picking up and running with the ball. kicking the ball the wrong way to protest the system. its good fun to be had by all.

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Date:2003-09-02 00:31
Subject:SLC Utah Liberty Park PRS!


Punk Rock Soccer

Time :

Sunday @ 4 P.M.

Location :

Liberty Park 1100 S 600 E Salt Lake City, UT 84102-3808

Directions From Trax :

Ride trax to 1300 South Ballpark.

Head east on 1300 until you find the south side of the park. The park is quite obvious with trees all around and clean, crisp paved sidewalks running through it. The drum circle and PRS is located on the east side.

Supplies needed : Soccer balls. perplestar has informed me they can provide one ball. We need everyone to bring one though in case people don't show up. All I have is a basketball so I am a no go thus far on that reach. I do have small caution flags post similar to the caution buried line wired flags. They prolly will suck ass but hey punk rock eh?

Also.. wear some clothes that you can get grubb'd in. The patched up saggin' pants are perfect. 'Cause this fun is dirty fun. See you all there Sunday!

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Date:2003-09-01 03:19
Subject:oi! soccer fans!

welcome to the community of punk rock soccer players and fans alike. this community is set up as a jumping point for people to organize punk rock soccer games throughout the world. so post times, places assigments (ball. four cones.)and get this community working for you.
a quick Did You Know to finish this welcome post off...
Originally, the Bouncing Souls didn't start playing music together, they actually played soccer.

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