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PRS tibit morsel.

found this piece on punk rock soccer searching google :

(bolded pieces are tidbits i added)

Date: 01/18/2002
From: MaskedMonk

A few weeks ago, I overheard the following conversation.

GUY: So, is punk rock soccer different than regular soccer?
GUY #2:umm...
GUY #3: Yeah, it's got giant metal spikes on the ball and flamethrowers and and and...

The conversation disintigrated a bit at this point, but it left me wondering if there was any difference between punk rock soccer and regular soccer. So when offered a chance to play punk rock soccer, I accepted just out of curiosity, which led to...

A brief report by Masked Monk

1. Normal soccer has rules.
2. Normal soccer has uniforms.
3. In normal soccer, there is a specific length of time before halftime. In punk rock soccer, halftime is when most people get bored, tired, or thirsty and get off the field, and the remaining people get off the field for lack of anyone to play with.
4. Normal soccer does not have mercenaries.
5. Normal soccer does not have people who decide to not be on any actual team and just charge whoever has the ball trying to take it away.
6. Normal soccer has referees.
7. Normal soccer does not have cookies. only dumpster dove of course!
8. Normal soccer does not involve throwing boxing gloves at people. i am lost on this one.. i guess some kids thought it to be amusing to bring boxing gloves to a game. intriguing!
9. Normal soccer games end after two 90 minute halves. Punk rock soccer games end when every single person is on the "charge whoever has the ball trying to take it away" team mentioned in number five.

I really hope that this report has inspired you. Now onto my next topic. blah, blah blah blah blah



this lame thing too :
an application for punk rock soccer. something to laugh at because of its lameness.

punk rock soccer googl'ed>
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