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SLC Utah Liberty Park PRS!


Punk Rock Soccer

Time :

Sunday @ 4 P.M.

Location :

Liberty Park 1100 S 600 E Salt Lake City, UT 84102-3808

Directions From Trax :

Ride trax to 1300 South Ballpark.

Head east on 1300 until you find the south side of the park. The park is quite obvious with trees all around and clean, crisp paved sidewalks running through it. The drum circle and PRS is located on the east side.

Supplies needed : Soccer balls. perplestar has informed me they can provide one ball. We need everyone to bring one though in case people don't show up. All I have is a basketball so I am a no go thus far on that reach. I do have small caution flags post similar to the caution buried line wired flags. They prolly will suck ass but hey punk rock eh?

Also.. wear some clothes that you can get grubb'd in. The patched up saggin' pants are perfect. 'Cause this fun is dirty fun. See you all there Sunday!
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