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PRS Game One Results.

about six people showed. four for the intitial game. then on game two of punk rock soccer two others wanted to play when the first left. so now are you all confused? lets make a brief chart:
intitial game one - two on two
game two - two on two
or something like that. don't ask me to use ol' lefty brain. its shut down. try the right side. and come out to PRS next week. same place. liberty park. same time. 4 pm. same wacky fun. guaranteed or your money back. what money ask? exactly. no money. and thats how we all win. i am loopy. i leave now.
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Only 6people showed up?
word has to spread. i am suprised any showed. it will get better as time goes on. or die a miserable righteous punk rock death yeahhH!
ahhaha insane.

good luck
hey it wouldn't matter if you weren't all that skilled at soccer would it?
its better if you aren't :) i run down the field with my strap on mohawk flapping all over the place. we jokingly push each other tackle. its just about having fun. not skill.
hehehe sounds like a blast!